Travelex - Manchester

See also: Temporary Photo Solutions

We provided Travelex with a temporary photographic solution in which our own system was used to ensure visitors got a superb quality image quickly and efficiently at a promotional event.

The solution was only required for a single day and needed to be installed out of normal operating hours in Manchester's Arndale Centre.

Visitors had their photo taken using our PictureAir system and could then choose which background(s) they preferred from a choice of four travel themed backgrounds. The photos were then printed in a matter of seconds.

Over 500 photos were printed in a matter of hours and although there was no social media connectivity, this could have easily been added to this solution.


Temporary Green Screen Photography.jpg


Visitor engagement was very high and not only did everyone enjoy themselves but the solution allowed high brand awareness by members of the public.

Due to the location of this setup, a large number of passers-by stopped to watch the process and proceeded to engage with staff who then discussed the product/event and gave further information in the form of a flyer.

The above photo was taken before the shopping centre opened and before additional branding was added.

Sample Chromakey Images.jpg