Thors Hammer Ride - Tusenfryd

Recently we installed a souvenir photography system in Norway's largest Theme Park. Our solution was used on their new Dark Ride "Thors Hammer". 

thors_hammer.jpgThor's Hammer is an incredible motion simulator-based dark ride that tells the story of the theft of Thor's Hammer and calls upon the visitors to reclaim it. Set at the time of the Norse gods, Thor’s hammer (known as Mjolner) has been stolen by the evil god Loki. Riders are sent on a mission to catch Loki and recover the hammer. Traveling through a forest, river, cave, castle and the battle of Ragnarok, riders will encounter scenes of Loki as a wolf, a sea serpent and a dragon.

Code-named Project Mjolner, the new four-minute dark ride will feature interactive elements, fire and wind special effects and 3D computer-generated imagery projected on 10 movie screens. It also has the latest trackless motion simulator cars which have 360 degree rotation and can tilt in all directions adding an amazing 4D experience to the ride.

 "The attraction is packed with the latest in 4D technology, which helps to create an experience that trembles with excitement. We have great expectations that Thor's Hammer will be a big crowd magnet"


The attraction, which opened in June, is completely indoors within a cave and has a capacity of 800-1000 guests per hour and Dutch design firm P&P Projects describes Thor's Hammer as an "action movie brought to life" and draws comparisons to the Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man at Universal's Islands of Adventure theme park in Orlando, Florida.


  • Photo 1 of 6Thors Hammer - Viewing Station

  • Photo 2 of 6Thors Hammer - Entrance

  • Photo 3 of 6Thors Hammer - Ride Entrance

  • Photo 4 of 6Thors Hammer - Grand Opening Crowd

  • Photo 5 of 6Thors Hammer - Visitor Ride Photo

  • Photo 6 of 6Thors Hammer - Visitor Ride Photo