The Total Souvenir Photo Solution

Pictureworks provided the total photographic solution in the Olympic Park for the games and provided everything from the ground up.

Here is a list of what we provided:

We provided a total of four marquees which were branded in accordance with LOCOG's brand guidelines and communicated exactly what we were offering.

Olympic Park Souvenir Photo Sites.jpg











The inside of all of the Marquees were branded to enhance the customer experience.

Bespoke counters allowed customers to view their photos at a comfortable height and the internal design allowed for safe and efficient customer flow through the structure.



We provided the Official hologramed photo folders and some of the photographic backgrounds that were used on our PictureAir System. On the opening ceremony of the Ol
ympic Games we secured a high vantage point and took photos Souvenir Photos - Creative.jpgthat we then subsequently used in our system the following day!

Some of the photos were changed between the Olympic and Paralympic Games to reflect the change in branding. Sample Olympic and Paralympic Souvenir Photos.

Just before the Paralympic Games we took on a fourth site (Park Live), which was an existing temporary building and did a full refit in just three days. This included carpet, internal structures and equipment and visuals for 24 metres of window frontage.



All technical equipment including payment terminals were supplied by us. Full installation and commissioning of the computer and camera equipment was also done onsite. All electrical equipment was PAT tested for safety. We even provided all the queuing barriers to ensure safe and efficient customer flow.


Souvenir Photo Staff.jpg


Over 100 members of staff were employed (including site managers) for the project.

We handled all stages of the recruitment program including full staff induction, staff uniforms, full HR, payroll and compliance.

Full training was provided on all aspects of the project. Staff training on the system was quick and easy due to the simplicity of the PictureAir system.



Install and De-Rig
We worked within the LOCOG guidelines during the installation and the De-Rig of the whole solution including Marquees, Internal fit out and Equipment was done in less than two days!



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