Client Comments.jpgAt Image Insight we pride ourselves on being 100% client focused and this is something that is very important to us. If our clients are happy then we are happy. It is key to our success that our solution is maximising revenue and customer experience.

We have a range of videos where customers discuss their solutions and our working relationships.

Mike Battle - Managing Director of Lapland UK
- How PictureAir technology has improved revenue and customer experience.
- Working with Pictureworks

Lee Jones - Retail Operations Manager at Manchester City FC
- Using the PictureAir solution and working with Pictureworks
- The Customer's experience with the PictureAir Solution

The Final Customer
- A member of the public explaining their experience when buying their photos

Comments from our clients

"My brand is something I can only trust to the very best people in the industry"

"My experience working with the Pictureworks team has been fantastic"

"The install has been seamless"

"Working with Pictureworks has been a refreshing experience with dedication to hitting timelines"

"Our customer experience has been enhanced by the speed and simplicity of the system"

"The Pictureworks team take care of everything from all the consumables, training, everything really. It's so simple, I can't stress how easy its been to integrate their system with ours"

"We are so impressed, an amazing job from your team and a massive thanks from us!"

"It is a pleasure working with your team at Pictureworks over the past year and a half, it’s been a completely different experience to what I have encountered with other photo companies, which is a credit to your team."

Comments from the General Public

"It was great, so sleek and fast and the picture quality is brilliant"

"That was great fun and I've got a photo to keep forever"