Temporary Photo Solutions


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Sometimes, you may just have a requirement for a temporary solution for an special event or themed attraction.

Our temporary solutions are suited to many occassions including promotional marketing campaigns. For example, a temporary solution was required for part of a marketing campaign on behalf of Nikon.

This solution was to be moved between UK shopping centres over the period of a month and was to help promote new products but inviting people to have their photo taken by an novelty dummy camera. As well as having their photos printed on-site, there were links to social media and each visitor was given a chalkboard to personalise Nikon's tag line of "I Am..." which added an element of entertainment to the solution and was enjoyed by staff and visitors alike. 

Manchester City Football Club also requested a temporary solution when they decided they wanted another set-up in their Market Street Store in Manchester City Centre.

Manchester City Football Club already had a permanent solution in their store adjacent to the Stadium but wanted to take full advantage of their central Manchester Market Street store location during busy seasons.

Image Insight (formerly Pictureworks) were able to provide a solution which proved such a success that they decided to use it again later in the year and there are plans afoot to offer this solution at other venues outside the UK.

A temporary solution was ideal as it allowed Manchester City to maximise on the additional half term visitors and it was also used prior to the Christmas holidays.

Temporary and Portable Instant Photo Solutions.jpg

Photos of the Temporary Photo Solution which was installed at the Manchester City FC Store in Central Manchester on multiple occassions.

Our temporary solutions still use the same powerful software so you can be assured that you are getting the same superb system used by many blue chip companies around the world. You don't even need to be an existing Image Insight (formerly Pictureworks) client to take advantage of this temporary solution, just Contact Us for more information. We are able to supply this solution throughout Europe and the rest of the World.