Special Occasions

Sometimes it's nice to be able to "theme" your images to fit in with a special event of time of year.

By using our own solution we are able to do this quickly and easily and even remotely! Shown below are some examples of images produced at Halloween with Witches Hats, Spiders, Bats and Pumpkins no less.

Hallowean Instant Photos.jpg

During the Christmas Season we can provide our customers with specially themed photo backgrounds specifically designed with the season in mind. This ensures that the photo content is not only kept updated but allows increased revenue due to increased customer takeup

Instant Christmas Themed Photos.jpg


It's not only Halloween and Christmas that we can cater for but a whole host of different occasions including: April Fools' Day, Easter, Father's Day, Mother's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Valentine's Day and many more.

See examples of Chromakey Photography at the Singapore Flyer and at the Chelsea FC Museum