Olympic and Paralympic Souvenir Photos

Chromakey Photography.jpgThe success of the Souvenir Photography at the Olympic Park originated in our ability to give the visitors photographs that they couldn't get themselves and to ensure they walked away with a quality souvenir that would always remind them of their visit to London 2012 and the Olympics or Paralympics.

Using our PictureAir system we were able to take just one photo and create a series of photos from which the customer can then choose their images.

This was done using Chromakey Photography, something that we find very popular with our clients due to its flexibility.

A series of iconic images were used as backgrounds including some images that our professional photographic team took. The opening ceremony photo for example was taken by us and used the very next day at 8am.

A selection of the images we produced for the Olympics is shown below although these were changed slightly for the Paralympics to reflect the change in branding.

Chromakey Souvenir Photos.jpg

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