Stockeld Park Christmas Grotto

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Enter the magical woodland of the historic Stockeld Park estate and discover a world of active adventure and fun for all the family. Uniquely combining sculpture and interactive art pieces with games and play, the whole family can come together to enjoy active days out they won’t forget! 

A main feature of the brand new and improved Grotto, children visiting Santa in his Yorkshire home will now be able to take away a range of PictureAir souvenirs and gifts commemorating their magical day. Unlike previous solutions that had been used, our system is quick, easy and provides quality photos and gifts via PictureAir. The customer experience is paramount and it is imperative that this final stage of the Grotto Experience doesn't ruin a superb day out.

There are unique challenges with the installation at Stockeld Park as not only is the event held in a secluded estate and woodland setting but the system must be totally in-keeping with the feeling of the Park and the Christmas Experience.

Along with traditional printed photographs, customers will also be able to have their photographs placed into a range of themed and seasonal merchandise. Using our unique photo solution we are also able to offer a Soft Copy Solution so that customers can later view and download their photos as home. This solution also integrates with social media such as Facebook etc and allows for data capture and customer reviews if required. Customers are given a receipt with special download codes so only they can gain access to the photos to download and share with friends and family.

With additional products and soft copies being made available to visitors, this will increase revenue. We at Image Insight have a wealth of experience in providing Photographic Solutions at Christmas Grottos and Father Christmas experiences