Liverpool FC Second System

liverpool_museum_setup.jpgSince the original installation at Liverpool FC's Retail Store located within the Liverpool One shopping centre, Liverpool FC saw the opportunity to have another Image Insight photographic solution installed in the Museum at Anfield Stadium. With both photo solutions in place they are able to capture a wider range of fans and visitors, enhancing the brand and visitor experience.

Our Photo solution installed in the Museum was to replace an older system and provides a much quicker and easier solution making the overall customer experience vastly improved and allowing consistency between the two sites. Visitors to the Stadium Museum have their photos taken against a green screen (Chromakey) and the PictureAir System creates a number of photos which the customer can easily choose from. Prints are then produced instantly and the customer walks away with their framed photos within a few seconds. The system also utilises the popular Softcopy Digital Image Delivery option which allows guests to access their digital images and share them via Facebook and email.

The Museum photo solution gives stadium visitors the opportunity to have their photo taken against backdrops of the famous Anfield stadium, in changing rooms, inside the stadium and even on the pitch - All places which are usually inaccessible to the general public. There is even an opportunity to be placed next to their favorite players or current trophies!


All photos produced are displayed in an attractive photo folder which ensures the guest leaves with a quality souvenir.


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Wedding Surprises at Anfield Stadium!

Image Insight and Liverpool FC were able to give a pair of newlywed avid supporters a great wedding gift. Mr and Mrs Ashton-Shaw's ceremony just so happened to take place on the opening day of the our photo solution in the Anfield Stadium Museum and the couple, who were simply expecting to take some photos as part of their celebrations, were given complimentary photos from the Image Insight / Liverpool team to commemorate their special day.