Installation Service - Chelsea.jpgAt Image Insight (formerly Pictureworks) we provide a total photographic solution and part of this is our installation service.

The total space required is often quite small and existing sales areas can be utilised if required. The photo taking area need not be next to or close to the sales area as the system is very flexible and can accomodate multiple locations.

During an installation, disruption is kept to a minimum and all equipment is installed professionally ensuring cable runs wherever possible are hidden and the system fits in with the look and feel of your location.

We are also able to work outside normal hours to ensure minimum disruption if needed.

Installation is usually very quick to ensure you are up and running and earning revenue from the system as quickly as possible.

Once installation is complete we will train your staff. This usually only takes about 30 minutes before they are fully conversant with the complete system. It is worth noting that casual staff can be trained in just 10 minutes.

We then hand over to the client but stay on site until the client has used the system and is happy in it's operation.

Detailed System Documentation is also left onsite and support contact details are given.

Photo System Installation.jpg