Digital Image Delivery

softcopy_receipt.jpgDigital Image Delivery or Soft Copy is an integrated part of our very own solution.

In addition to producing a physical print of a photo we can also allow the customer to download the original image (or modified version) over the Internet.

Simple, Safe and Secure
As with all our solutions this is not only simple but safe and secure so that only the genuine customer can view and share their own photos. The customer experience is maintained and as it is simple, no client intervention is required.

Data Capture
It is possible to enable the system to capture data from the customer such as email address, name and postal address etc. It is also possible to integrate a customer review system or link to your own website.

Social Media
Images can be shared with Facebook and other social media sites as well as being emailed directly to the user and their friends and family. Email address capture can also be included in this facility, which enables the client to contact other potential customers.

Major Benefits

Our system has a number of major benefits:

  • There is no need to capture the customers email address at point of sale, which is always fraught with issues such as: Customers not remembering the exact email address, mailbox full, junk mail filters etc. Using email addresses can of course have a negative affect on customer experience, this is not a problem with our solution.

  • Security - Customers are given a unique code that cannot be guessed and this ensures the customers images are safe and can only be viewed by the owner.

  • Ability to capture information at point of image collection for marketing or surveys. This can be personalised or disabled as required.

  • Speed of transaction at the point of sale ensuring customer satisfaction is maintained.

  • Links to Social Media (Facebook / Twitter) ensuring your attraction gets increased exposure. This is customisable.

  • Customers images are usually available online within seconds of being purchased.

  • Softcopy allows an easy way of increasing revenue.


 Video: Lapland UK discuss how they increased revenue with the PictureAir Soft Copy Technology

How it Works

The system produces a receipt when the customer purchases their photo products and this receipt gives full details on how to retrieve their images.

The customer visits a special "client themed" Micro Site and enters their photo code(s), they are then given a variety of options including email and download of the photo.




Our system can also be configured to collect vital information from your customers and statistics can be produced and the data can be made available online.