Cruise Ships

Cruise ships require a very unique solution due to the wide range of photography offered on-board and our bespoke system is ideal for such demanding requirements.

Blank Ship.jpg


With the option to integrate technology such as RFID and barcodes for multi-location data tagging, guests on the ships can have photos taken throughout their time on-board and view all of their photos in a single location at their convenience. This also encourages guests to take advantage of multi-buy offers and bundles due to the choice of images presented to them as exclusive souvenirs of their holiday.

Cruise ships tend to offer a wide range of photography opportunities ranging from Chromakey to Portrait Studios to Roving, all of which are easily handled by our own system and complimented by the technology available. The photography provided on Cruise Ships is generally viewed as a form of entertainment as well as a means of capturing your holiday and the use of props and costumes etc enables staff to get people involved and having fun - A major feature when selling photographs!

Souvenir photographs require something to make them one-of-a-kind and our system allows you to use themed overlays to make every photo special! These overlays can range from magazine covers, branded and dated designs relating specifically to their journey to calendars and montages.